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Draft Beer Towers

Choose from our wide selection of draft beer towers to find the right one for your project.

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What You Need to Know About Draft Beer Towers

Comparing Draft Beer Towers

Draft Beer Towers vary in size, style, and construction. For those of you interested in a standard tower, we have single faucet towers in stainless steel, chrome, and brass. Our most popular Double Tap Draft Beer Tower comes in stainless steel with Perlick faucets that create twice the pouring power.

For those of you working on a system in a commercial setting, or searching for a tower to dispense more than two beers, we also offer T-Towers and Double Pedestal Towers that come with anywhere from 3-20 faucets working off one system. Commercial dispensers who offer a large draft selection will especially love the Double Pedestal Air Cooled Draft Beer Tower. And for a long-draw system, the Double Pedestal Glycol Cooled Draft Beer Tower is a solid choice.

We also offer some less traditional tower designs including Wood Barrel Beer Towers and Ceramic Beer Towers that range from 1-8 faucets. For those of you serving Belgian brews, we sell a variety of European Style Beer Towers as well.

The draft beer tower is one of the final components in the flow of beer through your draft beer system. Standing tall and proud in either your home or commercial bar, the tower is connected to the faucet where your beer is ultimately dispensed.

We offer a selection of single and multiple tap draft beer towers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the majority of the towers featured below are air-cooled and designed to work with direct-draw systems, we also offer Glycol Cooled Beer Towers for long-draw systems.

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