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Kegerators and components for adding a wine keg system to your home bar or commercial establishment.

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What You Need to Know About Wine on Tap

Serving wine on tap at a bar or restaurant is a great way to save money at your bar over time, as well as to better control the condition of how wine is served.

With improved cost efficiency, it can make a by-the-glass menu much more manageable. The fact that draft wine isn’t exposed to oxygen like bottled wine means it maintains its quality from the first glass to the last, a boon for both the bar owner and the customer.

Whether you own a bar or you just want to serve wine on tap at home, we have the draft components for a proper wine keg system.

To prevent your draft system from corrosion over time affecting the taste and quality of your wine, 100% stainless-steel liquid contact is imperative. This includes the draft shank and faucet tap. All of the draft towers in this category feature 100% stainless-steel contact, and this category also features mostly Perlick faucets for top-of-the-line quality.

To limit resistance as the wine travels up to the draft faucet, barrier lines, rather than typical vinyl lines, are used. Wine can be kept in sixtels or from a Cornelius keg if its home brewed. Assuming the wine you're serving is still, or non-carbonated, both a Nitrogen gas tank and Nitrogen regulator are used. However, a standard draft faucet is used in any wine tap system.

Whether you just need a few vital parts or you’re looking to purchase a full wine kegerator, we have you covered. Still not sure? Just check our wine on tap guide for more info!

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