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Proper pressure provides the perfect pint. Make sure your draft system’s pours smoothly.

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What You Need to Know About Regulators

The gas side of your draft beer system is an integral part of getting your beer from keg to tap. Pressurized gas (CO2 or nitrogen beer gas) from your gas tank propels the beer through the keg coupler via the beer line. The beer travels up to the faucet tap and dispenses into your waiting glass.

Draft beer regulators control the pressure of the CO2 or beer gas coming from the air tank so that your beer doesn’t dispense as a blast of foam or a slow trickle. A distribution bar is used to distribute CO2 from one air tank to two separate kegs. Each distributor has a shut-off to turn off air distribution when not in use. These are ideal for dispensing multiple beers at the same pressure. 

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