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Can’t get the party started without a keg pump to get the beer pouring.

What You Need to Know About Keg Pumps

Nothing gets the party going better than a cold, frosty keg just waiting to be tapped. To get into it, you’ll need a keg pump. Lucky for you, KegWorks knows kegs - hence our name - and we have a variety of different pumps that range in both faucet and coupler type. Choose between pumping the beer yourself or letting CO2 do the work when considering your purchase. We also have a handy guide on How to Tap a Keg with a Keg Pump to get you started.

Beer keg pumps go by various names, including picnic pumps and party pumps, but they all do the same thing. The kind of keg pump tap you’ll need depends on how and where you plan to dispense. Is your keg supplying beer to hundreds of impatient drinkers? Do you want to avoid the task of pumping all night? These are important questions to consider before purchasing your beer keg pump.

The keg coupler you use will depend on the type of beer you’re dispensing. All pumps sold at KegWorks come with a coupler to open the keg, but consult our keg coupler list to match the beer you’re serving to the corresponding coupler system. Most American and Canadian domestic brews run on a D-system. For other beers, we sell European S-system pumps, A-System pumps, and G-system pumps.

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