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Champagne Cocktails

Stemware and ingredients to help you create delicious champagne cocktails.

What You Need to Know About Champagne Cocktails

Whether you're popping bottles of authentic champagne or keeping it real with prosecco, blanc de blanc, cava, pét-nat, or any other sparkling wine, there's no doubt the pop of a cork and a cascade of tiny bubbles make any occasion a celebration. And while sipping unadulterated champagne from a beautiful flute is certainly delicious and luxurious in its own right, there's also something to be said for sparkling wine that's been enhanced by liquor, syrups, bitters, and juice--that is, there's something to be said for champagne cocktails.From Kir Royales and Bellinis to French 75s and Death in the Afternoons, cocktails made with champagne and sparkling wine are an elegant and festive option. At Behind the Bar, we carry a full range of glassware, ingredients, and tools to help you craft an effervescent cocktail for your next night in, Sunday brunch, or special event.

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