Who are we? What do we do?

LogiVis Studios is a group of computer programmers from Cyprus, passionate about software development and web design. We really love what we do, so we always aim to give out the best result possible!

Along with software and website development, we also design almost any kind of graphics (logos, flyers, brochures, banners, ads etc).

What's new

PureArcade FE in the making (17/08/2014)

We have started development of our new project, a front end for emulated arcade games. Who does not love arcade games? We certainly enjoy them a lot, so we had to make our own front end, suitable for installing on arcade cabinets.

New website is up! (11/01/2014)

Our new website is now online! We have completely redesigned it from scratch, using new technologies, and running on a different server. We aimed for simplicity and easy navigation. Enjoy!