Servicing Your Global SaaS Hosting Needs

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, your users depend on you to give them a simple ‘log on and use’ model for their non-critical software. By using your SaaS, they no longer need to align CapEx budget for hardware to house software, or task their expensive IT professionals with the management and maintenance of server based applications.

Your clients realize the value your service brings to their organization, but to deliver on your merits and keep your account portfolio growing, you must provide a highly available and secure instance for your software and their data. Scalability, control, speed and security all influence the performance of single and collaborative user environments. Similarly, those are also crucial infrastructure attributes for the quality and efficiency of your product development, testing and staging.

scalable IT


Securely auto-scale complex resources for your storage, compute and memory needs with agility, on-demand to reach your high availability goals.

secure IT


Sell your software subscriptions while achieving compliance at an affordable price. Consider our Hardware As A Service, in any of our third party audited and PCI DSS validated data centers, for an OpEx friendly and secure SaaS solution.

IT infrastructure


Run virtualized or traditional environments and launch your SaaS applications and updates with more speed and security, based on your needs and with an affordable monthly recurring commit.

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phoenixNAP offers a variety of SaaS Hosting solutions to help keep your service performing and your organization successfully moving through development lifecycles, maintenance timelines, and release initiatives. With our Colocation, Cloud, Hosting and Hybrid offerings, our SaaS clients stay focused on their products and subscribers, because we have their infrastructure needs protected and covered.

To help with the protection of user data and payment card information, phoenixNAP is a PCI DSS v. 2.0 validated service provider and maintains compliance for our Colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud Services and Hosting. In addition, each of our US and EU facilities are SOC Type 2 audited data centers, offering the highest level of physical security protection, as well as a global footprint to back up and connect your critical data across multiple regions.

For meeting production, expansion and financial goals, you can quickly gain productivity and capacity with our Virtual Private, Managed Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Services. Affordable and flexible enough to support your SaaS needs, you can quickly scale or burst on demand to address expanded usage allocation, or rapidly deploy new releases in hours rather than days with quickly deployable servers and pre-built and configured VM templates. Built on industry-leading VMware® technology, phoenixNAP OpEx cloud services allow you to automatically manage your workload, create a virtual network, enforce security policies, and provide business continuity and scalability all through a single, centralized portal.

To fully support demand for your software and a growing user base, you can give your subscribers a consistent, secure and responsive experience. By building your SaaS infrastructure on our fully redundant, 10 Gigabit Network, with a global footprint, you can deliver a superior user experience, independent of volume or location. The phoenixNAP network is supported by multiple global network providers and is backed by our quick and responsive support, industry-leading service level agreement and strong uptime track record.


  • Carrier-grade Brocade® MLX and XMR routers to ensure high availability and performance
  • Private connectivity between each of our data center locations for secure data transfer
  • Layer 2 and 3 transport services for optimized network connectivity
  • Unified backend network across our products to securely move storage and compute between multiple environments
  • Global DDoS Protected Network to watch over network traffic and take action against attacks when they happen
  • Traffic Optimization for efficient and enhanced end to end service

phoenixNAP can help you keep your users happy, while achieving your implementation and production goals, rapidly based on your needs, and without heavy capital investment or daunting installations. Control and fluctuate your compute on the fly, while phoenixNAP helps you address your resource, security and financial requirements.