New 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

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3rd Gen Intel Xeon Servers

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The world is generating more data than ever, distributing it everywhere from on-premises and cloud environments to the edge. Processing this vast amount of information requires platforms that are powerful, secure, and agile. phoenixNAP has implemented the technology of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors in Bare Metal Cloud, delivering unmatched performance, security, and versatility for modern and traditional workloads.

Powerful. Flexible. Future-ready.

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Higher core count, increased CPU frequencies, and enhanced DDR4 memory speed accelerate workloads and insights extraction.

AI-workload Acceleration

AI-workload Acceleration

Built-in boost delivers increased DL performance on existing hardware through bfloat16 and updated VNNI instruction sets.

Global Availability

Global Availability

phoenixNAP’s strategic data center locations make BMC deployable in minutes from the US, Europe, and Asia.

High-speed Storage

High-speed Storage

Equipped with NVMe drives exclusively, BMC delivers highest throughput and fastest response times for enterprise workloads.

Low-latency Network

Low-latency Network

With up to 50 Gbps (2x25 Gbps bonded network) capacity, BMC provides robust, redundant, and fast network performance.

Hardware-based Security

Hardware-based Security

Leverage Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and isolate sensitive data in memory, reducing attack surface to a minimum.

Outstanding performance. Enhanced Security.
Cloud-like server provisioning.

Single Server. Lots of Power.

Unique scaling features on a versatile platform.

Intel Xeon Platiunm Logo Intel Xeon Gold Logo

Bare Metal Cloud is an API-driven platform that brings cloud-native provisioning to physical servers. Built to be DevOps-friendly, it makes scaling and provisioning an automated experience, saving time and resources.

Utilizing 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (codenamed Ice Lake), Bare Metal Cloud adapts to the demands of just about any workload, including high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and confidential computing. Through Bare Metal Cloud, phoenixNAP brings bleeding-edge technology on an as-a-service model to 4 global locations.

Dual Gold 6326
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
32c @ 2.6 GHz
(128GB RAM, 2x 1TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
32c @ 2.6 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
SGX enabled* - 32c @ 2.6 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
Dual Gold 6336Y
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
48c @ 2.3 GHz
(128GB RAM, 2x 1TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
48c @ 2.3 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
SGX enabled - 48c @ 2.3 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
Dual Platinum 8352Y
Instance Type Specs Hourly Monthly 12 mo 24 mo 36 mo
64c @ 2.2 GHz
(128GB RAM, 2x 1TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
64c @ 2.2 GHz
(256GB RAM, 2x 2TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)
SGX enabled - 64c @ 2.2 GHz
(512GB RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe, 2x 25G, 5 IP)

Phoenix, AZ | Ashburn, VA | Amsterdam, NL | Singapore, SG

Pay what you scale – optimal performance with lower TCO.

Outstanding performance growing with your business

Building a flexible infrastructure is key to maintaining business productivity despite workflow fluctuations. phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud instances enable this through built-in workload acceleration powered by the latest Xeon Scalable CPUs. Pre-configured Bare Metal Cloud instances are optimized for specific workloads, be it web applications, data-driven analytics, or any other I/O heavy workloads. Without any virtualization overhead, with multiple improvements compared to the previous CPU generation, your work gets done faster and more reliably than ever.

Flexservers Features

Features Overview

  • Higher core count and clock speeds vs previous CPU gen
  • Improved performance vs previous CPU gen
  • High-performance memory and storage options
  • Support for Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 series
  • Free 20 Gbps DDoS protection
  • Global presence across the US, Europe, and Asia

Next-Gen Technology Supported

Intel® Optane® Persistent Memory

The newest generation of Intel’s industry-leading Optane Persistent Memory 200 Series is at your disposal, with up to 32% enhanced memory bandwidth and more memory per socket for dataset performance increase. Bringing data closer to the CPU, this innovative memory technology provides both high capacity and data persistence, resulting in reduced I/O and accelerated large-memory computing.

Intel® Optane® Persistent Memory

State-of-the-art Security and Automation

phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud instances powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors unleash new computing features that adapt to the demands of the modern, data-fueled world. Deploy instances with the latest Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and leverage hardware-based memory encryption for confidential computing in multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments. Spin up your high-performance dedicated instances in minutes and provision them in a cloud-like manner. With built-in Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) automation tools, it is easy to simplify your deployments and increase the productivity of your infrastructure.


“Knowing their data sits on a secure and reliable infrastructure allows our faculty to focus on their research. Knowing that we can easily scale our IT resources to meet their demands provides fewer sleepless nights”

– James Lowey, CIO, TGen

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One Server. All Workloads.

The unique features of Bare Metal Cloud powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs make it suitable for a variety of workloads. With enhanced CPU performance and throughput, hardware-enhanced security, built-in acceleration, and various other improvements, this platform is more versatile than ever:


With up to 1.72x higher virtualization performance, the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors in Bare Metal Cloud are optimized for high-frequency VM environments. Pre-configured instances provide storage and memory ensuring reliable virtualization performance.

Web Servers

The unique ability of Bare Metal Cloud to scale CPU resources makes them ideal for adapting to IT usage spikes. Deploy and destroy instances on demand, adapting to workload fluctuations on your web server. Your business controls the resources, not vice-versa.

AI and Deep Learning

From product recommendation and language processing to genome sequencing, Bare Metal Cloud gets the job done. Built-in AI acceleration inside the CPUs and support for cutting-edge memory and storage technologies provide exceptional performance.

High-Transaction Databases

Equipped with new 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with 1.64x more database transactions per minute vs the previous generation, Bare Metal Cloud is built for data-centric computing. Leverage tomorrow’s technology today for future-centric workloads.

Enterprise and Cloud

Choose a pre-configured infrastructure supporting a wide variety of data-intensive workloads. Through lowered TCO and workload-optimized configurations, Bare Metal Cloud instances are tuned to your platform’s needs, both in bare metal and virtualized environments.

HPC and Storage

Bare Metal Cloud has both the agility and the raw horsepower to support the most demanding compute workloads. Increased memory bandwidth and higher CPU core count and memory capacity lend organizations power to push frontiers.

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